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Although Taurus people are ordinary people and feel realistic, but falling in love with someone will cause their IQ to go offline and completely lose their original self. Taurus men, they apply some love theories, and find someone who can control everything by themselves, or they have done things hastily, but they don't know that their lover will make them feel overwhelmed in front of her, so excessive that they make themselves afraid.

Taurus boys are possessive, and this is often a shortcoming his lover puts up with. They are often positive when facing their secret lovers, and they pay attention to their loved ones, which can be said to be their characteristics. If a Taurus boy is alone, he hopes that the other person will completely belong to him, be loyal to himself, and show possessiveness in front of his lover.

If you're a Taurus boy, I'm less worried. It takes you a while to decide whether to pursue a girl or not. While you're thinking about it, you don't want to rush into action. How to show love to you is not a problem until you have made up your mind. Many methods, I believe you know how to use. If you're a Taurus girl, you're in trouble. Passive you will fall into unrequited love.

If it is said that it takes a period of time to do warm-up exercises from seeing each other to starting a relationship, the super long warm-up period of Taurus is enough to make people cool down. So, I suggest Taurus boys and girls, when you see each other, make friends with each other? Being connected to each other allows you to observe and get to know each other up close. Second, you can know whether someone is taking action, so that others will not be caught off guard. , When making friends, you should pay attention to whether you have a good impression of him, and avoid him expressing his opinion while you consider the scene.

Love for a long time, first friends and then marriage, these words seem a bit old-fashioned, but you are following the love process of your nature. Generally speaking, Taurus is conservative in love. Before trying love, first love has stereotyped ideas. "Love someone for a lifetime" in the song is often the ideal of a Taurus.

Childhood sweethearts, classmate love, bus romance, and office love stories are the Taurus patterns of looking forward to first love. Taurus' first love dream is not a passionate movie, but a warm classic novel. The Taurus first love is an acquaintance, or in other words, the person who lives around the Taurus has the opportunity to be selected by the screen and become the Taurus first love.

First love is a love, don't set a script in your mind to limit it, leave all kinds of possibilities for first love, first love will give you novel feelings. Love is a time in life. When you are in the spring breeze, how can I say something pleasant, isn't that a spoiler?

Taurus, you are emotionally possessive, and you are in love with it to the fullest. I don't mean that you are a jealous jar, but that you are overly involved in your life, or so. You admit that before he knew you, he lived in the world for more than ten or twenty years. He has family, classmates and friends, and has his own interests and life. When their romance unfolded, and on behalf of him everything was gone, those people and things existed, and he – you don't need it, but it doesn't matter.

Therefore, you have to learn from his original life (ex-lover), and don't compete with his interests, family members or friends. Not too much, the other party has their own space. Don't become a stingy opposition party, don't let him play ball, don't let him go shopping, he will accompany you.

Another little suggestion is to pay more attention to his emotions and feelings. Because Taurus you are not an emotional person, when he is down for some reason, you may feel that you need to deal with it. Some people, feeling is the driving force behind maintaining enthusiasm, how can you ignore it? If you want a Taurus to break up a loving couple, it is possible for someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend to take it for themselves. In the Taurus love principle,. An empathetic lover has left a criminal record in his love record. If your lover moves on to someone else, you will inevitably worry that one day he will repeat his old tricks and others will betray you?

Under the shadow of love, it cannot develop. So, if you don't have a lover object, take it into consideration. Unless, you have two good reasons.

First, they really aren't a very quick match. This is just the opinion of others, he and you subjectively determine. Their separation is a matter, even if it is not you, it is the result.

Second, he can satisfy both your and actual requirements. You are sure that this choice is a rational assessment, and you are willing to spend your life proving love for each other, not passion.

With such a good reason, you have to be mentally prepared to face a more bilateral relationship in the future. Criticism from others‧His old lover's attack, your psychological barrier, and his extra pressure. These are you and him extra effort to overcome. All in all, if the situation is not very good, you are not very suitable to be a third party, so please do not try. It is your lover's first request, and it is your own strict request. Therefore, I believe that there is a real chance of your infidelity, and there is some accidental accident that caused him to suspect.

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Signs a Taurus man loves you deeply

The Three Stages of a Taurus Relationship

He suspects you, accuses you of baseless rumors, or slanders you with false evidence, I think you are angry. Get angry with those aimless people, and get angry with him. Seriously, if you can't believe it, who else in the world can? You're going to fly into a rage and say hello to him. I don't think you will forget that the ins and outs of the matter, the cause and effect are clear, so that he can be convinced and know who is the lover.

This way of handling can be said to be reasonable, but I suggest that you might as well reverse the order. You should find out the reasons for the misunderstanding, and say one by one, if his skull is broken, K will give him a meal. Oolong dramas such as the niece mistaking her girlfriend are still staged every day these days.

Yes, you think he is inexplicable, so come up with the three policies of admitting, denying, and explaining. Everything is stuffy in my heart, how can I solve the misunderstanding and relationship? It is performance, past records are for reference only. He will suspect that there is a reason for your incident, how can you just blame him for being ignorant? Interpretation, and representation in action, is the method.

Like any love, after a period of passionate love, it will always fade away. Love represents mutual recognition, and active love and passionate expressions are so important. Taurus, you are not very deliberate in personality. Even if you are in love, you are walking forward in the footsteps of love. Wait until the emotions stabilize, and you spend time and invest in things that will help each other in the future.

You're less expressive about your passion, and you seem to need to feel so much. It seems that you have entered the stage of marriage ahead of schedule. But is that the case? I think he misunderstood you. You are just a practical way to express your love, and you believe that the future of each other is an expression of love. And in your heart, you still hope that he is as affectionate as when he was in love, and you love to make up beautifully. If so, don't.

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Taurus love view

Taurus boy's attitude towards his first love

Many boys fall in love more than once, but they have the same attitude when facing girls. There will always be one they take care of, and some that are optional. And today we are going to take a look together, which girlfriend is the Taurus man in the twelve constellations?

Ninety percent of Taurus men fall in love with their first love girlfriend, and they are very good for each other. As long as the other party wants it, the Taurus man will find a way to fulfill it. Together with each other, they are smiling every day. Taurus men will feel very happy to see each other. There is no reason to be so happy, very.

The Taurus man's partner is wholehearted. If they have a hundred dollars, they will spend all of it on the other party, and they will not save a dollar for themselves. Because the other party is happy, the Taurus man is sure that they will be happier than the other party. Their love will not have anything to hide, it can be posted on Moments for everyone to see.

Aries girlfriends have a feeling that Aries men are super stress-free, blessed, and love like first love. There is nothing to ask for, nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about, living in the moment, in the moment, will always make girls feel that "the world is quiet and good".

The Gemini man values ​​feelings, is a chauvinist, has a paranoid personality, has a crush on him, and has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Therefore, in the process of loving each other, the other party is never allowed to propose a breakup. They firmly believe that the other party is themselves. Even if the other party loves him, he will catch him and take extreme measures.

The cute Pisces is destined to hold hands with his lover for a lifetime. There is a song that says: "Women desire to be protected". In fact, men hope that they can protect others. You need to satisfy this desire of men. Many times you are helpless. After receiving help, you will show passion. The expression let Duo Jinnan know that he is a hero, and every man is willing to spend money to be a hero!

Taurus men are well-known financial experts. They not only know which mobile phone is the most cost-effective recently, but also know what skin care products their wives buy. If you marry a Taurus man, you are worried that you will not be able to find cosmetics, because they have done everything for you. Love will, love will.

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