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With the coming of 2018, Hong Kong astrologer Jupiter will analyze the four elements of the zodiac: fire, earth, wind, and water, and analyze the overall fortune of each constellation in the coming year. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This year Mercury retrograde fire signs occur, and fire signs represent action and creativity, so these three signs should think twice before taking action and implementing plans, and be careful of delays.

Uranus has stayed in Aries for the past 7 years, and Aries has experienced a major change in life, life; Uranus left Aries this year and entered Taurus, and Aries can settle down in the past and the middle, and have an impact. But be careful, Mercury will be retrograde in Aries in March and April, so be careful of communication, paperwork, traffic blocks and delays.

In addition, representing injuries (including body and mind), Chiron enters Aries, and will be sick or injured in April and September. Pay attention to the head and face, and have the opportunity to undergo surgery.

Pay attention to the influence of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse on Leo this year. Eclipses bring revelations that include endings and beginnings of something. Some chapters of a lion's life need to come to an end, and then they need to set sail. Changing jobs and changing industries are examples.

Zodiac Horoscope for January 22, 2018, January 28. The week begins, and after the end of the week, we are getting closer and closer to the year, and the pace of life has not stopped, so all of this or or, we have to bear it, God is always fair, he and us seem to be different, but This fate is tiring to fight, it is better to learn to adapt, so that you will have a happy life.

Aries is very,,, you hate those twists and turns in the rivers and lakes, which make your brain hurt, and you can't help but lose your temper to deal with these annoying people. If a person feels that he is doing the right thing and cannot listen to other people's suggestions, Aries will let you, and those around you who understand you will let you. Mars enters Sagittarius this Friday, and Aries friends will feel that money has disappeared, or has been relieved. Aries is not a sign that cares about money, but if you have it on hand, it will make you feel happy. Sun Aquarius, light up your friendship, and it is possible for a romantic friend to start developing.

In the past few weeks, Taurus friends, have you felt that you have encountered difficulties in many aspects of work and life? You have caused a lot of trouble for others. Four times, why can't you treat the bulls? You must know that in the past few weeks, Mars in Scorpio is your opposite house, and when your relationships are tested, you will passively make enemies everywhere. Now that Mars is leaving this position, Niu Niu will breathe a sigh of relief in terms of interpersonal relationships. Need to remind the Niu Niu that the red light is on, so you have to pay attention. Mars going to the eighth house will stimulate your potential ambitions and break through the present, including emotional relationships.

Entering the beginning of the year, Gemini friends are under financial pressure. Not enough money makes you feel constrained, and some unforeseen things make your wallet, and it is possible to pay a sum of money. Mars has brought pressure to you for a while. It may be because money has caused your body and mind. Mars will enter Sagittarius. In the workplace, Gemini, you will stand out from the competition of your opponents. At the same time, Mars will bring you energy and make you like a warrior. , Invincible feeling, work is good luck. At the same time, remind Gemini friends that the position of Mars will bring love, if you confess in the past, you can confess a little bit, and the probability of falling in love at first sight will increase. Gemini has a business trip opportunity this week, and the leader will tell you some performance opportunities in the past, come on.

Saturn and Cancer are opposite the house, you have had a smooth year, and various tests followed. Where were your weaknesses in the past, and now these weaknesses have been exposed for a long time. In the past few weeks, Mars will tell Cancer where your sense of responsibility is and what you have to bear. It looks passive, and this is a test of the stars. Next, Cancer will have some turmoil at work, someone will help you, someone will step on you, and there may be another feeling of another village. You need money now. Although the current financial crisis seems to be in the past, you are not talking about this money, how to control it. Love, single Cancer will have some crushes, you others, or someone else you, the current position of the sun and Venus reminds Cancers not to engage in underground love, triangle relationships are not suitable for Cancers.

Emphasis on material and value Taurus grasps a sense of security in career and finances in 2018. The workload is unabated, and the whole is pervaded by an air of laziness, lack and courage. There are many new ideas at work, and I muster up the courage to look forward to a career breakthrough. However, there is resistance when carrying out the plan. From the end of June to the end of August, Taurus needs to stick to their beliefs and work hard silently. In 2018, Taurus may have many foreign cooperation opportunities at work. When it comes to cultural language, be prepared for expected changes.

Virgos have been doing some things involuntarily recently, and their bodies and wills are overloaded, and any unexpected incidents cause some Virgos who originally liked to take responsibility, but now they are forced to take some responsibility. This week will be more like this. You have seen the dawn, and only those with hope are willing to do it. Keep it up. The good news is that the sun and Venus are currently in your work sector. The energy of the two stars makes you feel like a fish in water at work. When you come to a job opportunity, you will be valued by the leader, or you want to change jobs. The next period of time will be the node to do this. Financial expenditures may seem a little bit, and Virgos need to pay attention. There will be a noble person in your life this week to help you achieve a wish. This noble person will introduce you to a person of the opposite sex. You will be lucky everywhere, this week.

What did Libra experience last week? ? Bankruptcy? Or lovers quarreling! These are because Mars you make trouble. Although Mars is now going to Sagittarius, various relationship tests will follow. Libra friends are peace-loving messengers, you will not go to whoever happens, but starting this week, you don’t want to accommodate others, you start to get up, your performance will impress people around you, and at the same time you will offend some people, because your point of view is clear, You don't want to confuse people, it's a matter of minutes to misunderstand you. It is recommended that Libra friends pay attention to the occasion when they speak, and they are powerless to change the reality, which is entirely acceptable. And this week there is good news from the emotional, your lover you spend the night together, or someone you confess that you like this person.

1. Since the method of writing the annual forecast of the horoscope uses the rising zodiac sign as an indicator, generally speaking, when we look at our own rising horoscope, we will get reminders about the year. A senior or serious astrologer will analyze the sun sign, and this report will show the yearly fortune of your sun sign and rising sign, and if words appear, you need to pay attention to things this year!

2. The sun changes constellations once a month. Since the time of each constellation transformation does not change every year, if you are born on the beginning or end of each constellation, you need the time of birth. You can confirm your sun constellation, and we will classify the date after the constellation.

Aries gives people a feeling in 2018. Aries, who are usually generous and careless, have more tenderness. In May and June, Aries will respond to deep emotions and feelings, and the subconscious and intuition will lead Aries to know themselves. There are more opportunities for joint ventures in 2018, but it is a challenge for Aries. In terms of personal financial situation, there may be sudden big changes in May and November, so be prepared to ride a roller coaster.

Opportunity: Receive a caring helping hand or a gift, someone brings a small

Annual Focus: Maintain self-awareness, remind yourself to stop and think

After Aries experienced the ups and downs of love in 2017, 2018 ushered in a year. Single Aries, please seize the opportunity in June and July. Aries who are married or have a partner can consider the other party to add atmosphere in the second half of the year. During the end of July and August, Aries partners need to pay attention to their speaking skills when communicating. In October and November, there will be opportunities to meet old lovers again, which will make Aries pay attention to reviewing the current relationship.

Honey luck trend: create fun and atmosphere in life, raise the temperature of love

Love Tips: Created by a partner to create a warm atmosphere

In 2017, Aries should start to feel the responsibility and pressure at work. In 2018, they will face many career challenges, which may bring career peaks. During April and September, the workload continues to increase, and the entanglement of personnel relations and financial problems will make the stress index of Aries rise sharply. During the period from the end of June to August, there will be a sense of everything in the plan, impulsive personality and the accumulation of temper outbursts, and you need to be more aware and alert.

Development Forecast: With increased workload and responsibilities, it is a good time to explore career directions.

Career Tips: Stress and temper are twins, and developing patience is the key.

Taurus 2018 is the year of asserting yourself and dealing with relationships, May and November. When looking for self-positioning in Taurus relationships and in life, beliefs will be challenged, and variables will be added to the partnership due to the favor of others. Extra sibling time during May and June. If you meet old friends again this year (elementary school classmates or childhood playmates), they may bring you opportunities for change.

Opportunity: In the face of sudden changes around you, avoid being caught off guard, and your mood will help you get out of the predicament.

2018 is the year of Taurus Red Luan star movement. Taurus, who already has a target, can actively consider pulling the skylight in 2018, January, February, August and October. Single Taurus should take the initiative to participate in activities and gatherings, and have the opportunity to find them among friends. October/November may experience an emotional rollercoaster of doubting your partner. Partners reflect on their own values ​​and requirements, and strive to find a balance on the basis of walking hand in hand.

Honey luck trend: Find your own life and interests, trust is the foundation of relationship.

Love Tip: Take the initiative to fight for opportunities and form relationships yourself.

2019 will be a year of questioning. Since Jupiter and Neptune will have squares on January 13, June 16, and September 21, Aries will accept challenges with faith, and there will be spiritual needs to find answers outside of daily life.

Development forecast: New opportunities and cooperation opportunities bring freshness, and learning to adapt to the culture depends on courage.

Career Tips: Work development is not as smooth as expected. Persistence and adaptation to changes are opportunities for breakthroughs.

Personality Going to Gemini in 2018 will take an emotional roller coaster. 2018 is busy enough for Geminis with their inner fears and drives. Geminis have many opportunities to participate in voluntary work this year, but they can gain inspiration for their own problems from the difficulties and situations of others. During May and June, it is recommended to have more exposure to art and music to brighten your mood. In addition to rationality in work and life, try to add more human warmth and understand each other's feelings.

Opportunity: Emotional and rational preparation to deal with things is the beginning of a win-win situation.

Annual focus: state of mind, see you later.

After the bright fireworks and warmth in 2017, Gemini love will enter the business period in 2018. Playful and fresh Gemini will face challenges in love relationships in October and November. Geminis born in May have to be divided into love and commitment. Geminis have already felt love and harmony from November onwards, which is the time to pull the skylight.

Honey luck trend: A relationship without ups and downs will inevitably lack freshness, and the promise of a steady flow of water will be more sincere.

Love tips: rationally distinguish the essence of relationships, love around you.

After going through the career period in 2017, Gemini's career development direction in 2018. During May and June, Geminis have more opportunities at work, which increases their self-confidence. Encountering opportunities during March and July requires Gemini to observe and not make a decision. When half-hearted and vacillating Geminis make a decision, you might as well calm down and ask yourself, because doing what you like can keep your interest and enthusiasm going.

2018 is a year for Cancers to show unlimited creativity, and their own taste and clothing will have changes and insights. During May and June, spending on clothing will increase accordingly. Work and relationship changes touch a nerve for Cancerians. This year, Cancers will have opportunities to get in touch with children, and their temperament will help relieve Cancers' emotions. Interest in spirituality and psychology has increased, and there are many opportunities to be exposed to religious issues during travel.

Opportunity: Cultivate interest, develop and be creative, and enhance self-confidence.

The annual key focus: learn from children and avoid being too horny to affect emotions.

Cancer's love life in 2018 is like a roller coaster ride. Single Cancers, please seize the opportunities in January, February and August and November. Cancers who are already born should pay attention to their temper, and don't hurt their temper because of petty disputes. During April-September, a partner's secrets will make Cancer deeply emotional. In October and November, family or money matters magnify conflicts, and Anne must not magnify fear and control to deal with relationships.

Honey luck trend: peach blossom opportunities are everywhere, creating an atmosphere.

Love Tip: Let emotions take the lead, and trust is the foundation of relationships.

Cancers need to prepare their mood and emotions to cope with changes in work and career before the start of 2018. In addition to continuing to face challenges at work, March and April will test the communication flexibility and accuracy of Cancer bosses. In May and November, Cancer will question whether the partner at work is on target. In November and December, Cancer will challenge how to plan and motivate everyone to work hard.

Development forecast: Transformation is the catalyst, and trust can bring results to team work.

Career Tips: Facing the changeable mood at work, it can lead you to success in your career.

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2018 Horoscope Aries Vulnerable to Injury or Surgery

Horoscope Constellation Technology Ziwei Network

In 2018, under the spotlight, Leo often has the urge to leave the group. In the first half of the year, the world's intuition and induction became the nutrients that nourished personal growth in the second half of the year. During May and June, excessive emotions of others will cause a burden. You should learn to keep a distance and adapt to the contrast and conflict formed by a quiet one-person family life. Leos should beware of stress-induced strength problems and pay attention to bones this year.

Annual Focus: Timely and emotionally connected, safe in every situation.

Sally Kirkman, a British astrologer, has 30 years of professional astrology experience. Many top British media have opened columns and special programs, and she guides fortune-style events.

Lady GaGa, sun Aries, birthday: March 28, 1986, singer-songwriter, music works deviant, often with provocative meaning. In 2018, she transitioned to star in the movie "A Star Is Born" and became a powerful actress.

At the beginning of 2019, Aries got rid of the shackles. It is not every year that the ruler Mars will come to Aries on January 1, but in 2019 it has come true. You must know that it takes two years for Mars to complete a circle of the zodiac, and on the first day of the new year, it is on standby at 1 degree of Aries, which is an unusual astrology. Therefore, use this astrology to achieve something meaningful for yourself.

Mars is the symbol of drive, energy, rise and departure. Decide what you want, and at the moment of 2019, start to pursue your personal goals with power, desire and desire.

Mars also rules speed, competitive activities, and high-spirited sports. If you have a plan to shape your body or temper your perseverance, this is a very suitable time to implement it.

If you are a typical Aries, eager to grow or like everything to go at lightning speed, then the year starts with some spontaneous and unpredictable developments due to Uranus in Aries.

Uranus is a star of change. It started to go to Taurus and your second house in Aries in May 2010 and May 2018, but it ushered in a retrograde from November 6, 2018, so March 6, 2019 Will return to Aries a few days ago. Therefore, for Aries, there is one more opportunity to change, to become independent and responsible.

Uranus entering Aries seems to be a social activist, entrepreneur or wild child, always with a double-sided connection with everything, modern with a sense of technology. The astrology at the beginning of the new year points to the future. Aries must embrace all new things, be bold and enthusiastic, and become the pioneer of the trend.

Uranus and Mars conjoin at 29 degrees Aries on February 13th, a day, a Mars-Uranus conjunction is always provocative and violent, but it is boundless energy when it comes to wanting to get things done first.

When the various planets are in Aries, the energy is like a turbine system or rocket fuel, so avoid physical risks, Aries is known for being rash and hurting (the head) but now needs this energy to be transformative, Go for challenging the status quo and achieving excellence.

March 20 equinox in Aries is another day: the sun begins to enter Aries, Aries needs to take the driver's seat, because it is not only the sun, but also Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn sextile that day, which means that money and work are compatible, and everything is Come.

The timing cannot be ignored. Before March 28, Mercury is in retrograde state, so choose a date before the project starts, or act in advance, or wait until the Mercury retrograde passes to start everything.

The new moon in Aries on April 5, 2019 is a good time for sowing, symbolizing beginning and reincarnation. Mercury, who is good at communicating, enters Aries on April 17, followed by Venus entering Aries on April 20, so before mid-May, you will be in high demand.

On November 8, 2018, the planets in the solar system, the star Jupiter in astrology began to enter the fire sign Sagittarius with the same attribute as Aries, and stayed on December 2, 2019.

In the Aries horoscope, Sagittarius rules all aspects of life that can broaden the pattern. And Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, vision and expansion, is right now. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, there is always something that attracts Aries. If there is a vacation or a vacation to travel outside of work, then it is time.

Sagittarius represents higher education and faith at the same time, so when Jupiter enters the ninth house, you can listen to your inner voice, start a period of schooling, or pursue spiritual exploration or even religious belief. Opportunity nods, embraces adventure, explores experiences.

2019 will be a year of questioning. Since Jupiter and Neptune will have squares on January 13, June 16, and September 21, Aries will accept challenges with faith, and there will be spiritual needs to find answers outside of daily life.

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2018 Aries Love Horoscope

The fortune of the twelve constellations this week (1.22

Neptune will enter Pisces, located in the twelfth house of Aries, and the square aspect is suitable for thinking about meaning. It is not logical or straightforward, but requires imagination to explore the depths of thinking. If there is an opportunity for an Aries to meditate, meditate, or otherwise practice, let it take its course. You may feel lost or need to seek outside support. These experiences are the process of looking at the world from the opposite side and exploring beyond the known world.

The above-mentioned inner feelings occurred in the first four months of 2019, and the time of the self-centered Aries (see the inner fortune of "Ready to go"). The addition of the two is the objective position of the self and the world.

Remember to try to be open-minded, don't limit yourself, tolerate views and insights, even if you just accept them, you can experience life experiences outside of your daily life.

Another period of 2019 is suitable for viewing the world. Arrange long-distance travel in November and December. On November 26, the new moon in Sagittarius and Aries is very attractive. get ready.

Jupiter in Sagittarius symbolizes events in the publishing, media, legal and political realms. No matter which aspect is manifested, Aries is to give everything a chance, and if you want an excuse to play Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius is very suitable for a big deal.

In 2019, Aries represents the house of love, and there are no planets transiting. This is not to say that emotional events will not happen. In fact, some Aries are planning to withdraw from a dramatic or passionate relationship.

This year's eclipses mainly occur on the Leo-Aquarius axis. Eclipses always represent the ups and downs in life, rarely status, while Leo is in charge of Aries love, and Aquarius is in charge of friendship. From August 2016 until the full moon and solar eclipse on January 21, 2019, this cycle is considered complete.

The January eclipse occurs at 1 degree Leo, and the relationship is very strong. In addition, Leo is in charge of children, pregnancy, and creativity. Good luck will come to these areas.

Speaking of love and relationship key planets, there is Mars, which governs the libido, and Venus, which governs love and relationships. In ancient mythology, they are originally a bunch of lovers, but in astrology, they represent two forces, masculine and feminine.

In 2018, Mars and Venus went retrograde, one from July to August, and the other from October to mid-November. Retrogrades are stop-and-go switches in a relationship, maybe you change your mind, or find that you want to, and it's all about love, and the other person is. When relationships face unexpected challenges, ask yourself why or what happened.

Come 2019, Mars and Venus will not be retrograde, so everything will be more. At the same time, because Jupiter Sagittarius and Venus have two conjunctions, this year's relationship will be covered with an exotic theme. The first time is on January 22, from January 7th to February 3rd, Venus in Sagittarius, and the second time is on November 24th, when Venus is in Sagittarius on November 1st and 26th. This is an unusual situation because Jupiter's opening is about travel and learning topics, and if it is in love, it will inevitably be exotic.

Maybe Aries will decide to travel or honeymoon with the current incumbent, and may meet new people from a complete culture, country or background. Love is sometimes found across borders.

Pay attention to the first Venus and Jupiter conjunction on January 22, which appears after the solar eclipse in Leo, and love in Aries is a particularly important day.

From July 1st to August 18th, Mars will come to Leo, the fifth house of Aries, and Venus will enter Leo from July 28th to August 21st, and the two will meet in the love sector of Aries. However, due to the lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde in July, the situation is more complicated. You may have an affair with your ex, or have a sudden relationship that affects your current relationship. Enthusiasm is somewhat restrained, but hidden issues or secrets surface, love.

On August 24, Venus and Mars will meet in pursuit of Virgo, which means that it is not love at first sight, but may come from good feelings during work or fitness. The cooperation of the two stars is a day for you and worthy of energy to focus on love.

September and October are the period of love fortune. Venus will enter Libra and enter the marriage sector on September 14. There will be a new moon in Libra on September 28. At the same time, Mars will join Libra on October 4. Then there is the full moon in Aries on October 13, and all of this brings ideal communication time, you will be happy to let each other lead the way, and accept that love does not always have to be your own feeling.

Aries has two stars in Capricornus in 2019, located in the tenth house representing career and holidays. One of them is the walking Pluto, which began to enter Capricorn in 2008, which happened to be the year when the financial crisis broke out. Pluto in Capricorn is a bit like a dictator, either destroying everything, or holding everything under full control. At the end of 2017, Saturn began to join the team of Pluto and entered Capricorn, and the two formed a synergy. Saturn in Capricorn is back in its place, representing basic principles, traditions, and playing by the rules.

What does this mean, Aries? Depends on how you define power and leadership. You may want to advance step by step in your chosen field, then the combination of Saturn and Pluto will bring you power and status, and you can choose to build basic rules and challenge existing principles.

When faced with harsh or lenient employers, you will refuse to be treated unfairly, and when faced with authority, you dare to challenge. This is a battle, and then wait, when Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 2, 2019, you have the opportunity to overwhelm each other and catch up.

In addition to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, because this year's solar and lunar eclipses focus on the axis of Cancer and Capricorn, the work, career and social status of Aries is a year, which can be said to be at a critical moment of success or failure. The zodiac sign represents the basic part of Aries. Family, background, tradition, and your future career and goals become the two ends of the scale.

Cancer and Capricorn eclipses begin July 2018 and end in July 2020. This year, there will be a new moon solar eclipse on January 6, a new moon solar eclipse on July 2, a full moon lunar eclipse on July 16, and a new moon solar eclipse on December 26. It should be noted that 3 of them are new moon solar eclipses, which represent the beginning and are powerful, which will promote your changes and push you forward. Among them, the new moons on January 6 and December 26 fall in Aries' tenth house of career.

As an astrological sign, solar and lunar eclipses highly emphasize the end and the beginning. Aries will change jobs, change careers or lay off employees this year. There are also some Aries who are ready to climb the career ladder, and the person in charge has seized the position. In short, January heralds the end and December the beginning.

In 2019, the ruling planet Mars will not change signs and enter Capricornus, but will enter this temple position by early 2020. Mars in Capricorn is strategic, ambitious, and likely to climb heights.

During the month of solar and lunar eclipses, the question of future will arise. Some Aries need to make a clear choice between family and career. You will take a step to help your own family, your parents, and even become your child's first babysitter. Another part of Aries will need a lover to rely on to realize the transition from one job role to another and start a chapter in life.

In 2019, if you are looking for a job or planning a vacation for Aries, remember that the time period for the whole year is: August 18, October 3, when Mars is in Virgo, and other individual planets will bring help.

You succumb to reality, work hard, and complete your goals at the beginning of 2019, and you can perceive the energy brought by the earth signs.

When Uranus, which represents innovation and change, comes to Taurus, Aries' second house of personal wealth, talk about the financial fortune in 2019. Uranus came to Taurus from May 15 to November 6, 2018, and officially entered Taurus in March 2019, staying for 7 years.

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